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CYSince September 2013, Cy has been mixing vocal harmonies and guitar strings to create sounds both modern and reminiscent of days past. With 3 guitars, mandolin, keyboards and 4 voices, this Acadian indy-folk prog band has taken to the road, in Canada and Europe, promoting their music with the wind in their backs and the sea in their suitcases. Jacques Blinn, Guyaume Boulianne and Eric Dow (from Nova Scotia), and Jacques Boudreau (from New Brunswick) are Cy. They have 1 EP (2014) and a full length CD ‘’Deuxième Nation’’ was released in 2016. “With our music, we combine the past and the present. We like to look in archives, found old songs or melodies, and modernize them.

Carol Doucet
Le Grenier musique
Moncton, NB

PHONE: 506-850-2158