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SaltarelloInspired by the vastness of Northwestern Québec's Abitibi region & the deep spirituality of the Amerindian tribes living there for centuries, the entrancing sounds of Saltarello are a musical journey of rhythmic frenzy and beautiful haunting melodies influenced by ancient pagan Scandinavian & Celtic rituals.
The unique Nordic music of Saltarello blends traditional & contemporary, ancient & futuristic with original compositions. Performances include new works from the band’s album set for release in 2018. The warm & generous vocals blend wonderfully with the rich colors of the hurdy-gurdy & other ageless exotic instruments: hammered-dulcimer, bouzouki, Armenian duduk, Appalachian dulcimer, violin, mandolin & Celtic harp.

Marilyn Gilbert
Marilyn Gilbert Artists Management, Inc.

PHONE: 647-465-8004