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Sarah Hagen and Brendan McLeod
Sarah Hagen and Brendan McLeodExultation is an intoxicating music and storytelling collaboration from classical pianist Sarah Hagen and spoken word artist Brendan McLeod. Hagen, the 2015 BC Touring Council Artist of the Year and 2017 Ontario Contact Artist of the Year, performs all thirteen preludes of Rachmaninoff?s Opus 32, interspersed with stories and poems from Brendan McLeod, the former Canadian SLAM champion. The result is a narrative journey that explores Rachmaninoff's struggles and triumphs, as well as the estrangements, losses, and redemptions at the heart of contemporary life. Centered by Hagen's intricate, passionate rendition of Rachmaninoff's compositions, Exultation is a stirring exploration of how to make the world worthy of its music.

Genny DeMerchant
You Will Love it Live
Toronto, ON

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