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Barney Bentall
Barney BentallA legend in his own right, Vancouver based singer-songwriter Barney Bentall has been making an indelible mark on the music scene since 1978. Throughout his career, he has released 11 full-length albums. In the late-‘80s, Barney Bentall formed The Legendary Hearts, whose eponymous debut reached platinum status in Canada, featured several hit singles, including “Do Ya,” and garnered a Juno Award.

In 2000, Bentall switched gears completely and moved to British Columbia’s Cariboo region to operate a cattle ranch. With this incredible shift came a great change in perspective, which was the impetus for his 2007 solo release, Gift Horse. The Inside Passage, a collection of songs loosely based on moving through life, followed in 2008.

Flesh & Bone (2012) is the next chapter in Bentall’s musical journey. Featuring an array of genres from folk to roots, blues-¬rock to pop, and even a hint of Celtic, Flesh & Bone is as much a reflection of Bentall’s musical influences as it is an audio portrait of Canada. Haunting yet beautiful, with vocals that are honest and brimming with emotion, each song weaves narratives capable of transcending generations. “You'd be hard-pressed to find another album in this genre that works so well front to back" (Winnipeg Free Press).

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