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Zandra Bell as "Shirley Best"
Zandra Bell as One of the stars of the upcoming TV comedy series “She Kills Me”, and author of the hilarious book, “Musings From A Modern Middle Aged Wild Wisewoman”, award winning motivational humorist Zandra Bell is also well known on the corporate conference scene for creating original, intelligent humour designed to inspire, and enhance human potential.

It started out as a mere creative sideline but eventually, Zandra resigned from her career as a government regional director to pursue her new venture on a full time basis. Now she travels internationally delivering corporate messages, community visions and positive philosophy in her own unique, professional style, performing in the comedic persona of her iconic comedy alter ego, Shirley Best, a charismatic, sixty-something housewife turned self-avowed stress management expert, and “certified credit card utilization consultant”. Her uniquely creative key notes are the ultimate solution to resolving workplace stress, and raising staff morale and productivity. As one of her countless corporate testimonials puts it, “Zandra Bell is face hurting funny.”
And the rave reviews of theatre audiences are just as overwhelmingly positive when Shirley takes to the stage! She has written, self-produced and starred in numerous productions from “Shirley Best Possessed – The Graceland Before Menopause Tour” to “Confessions of a Baby Boomer Bombshell”. The Edmonton Sun claims “Shirley at her “Best” is simply a world-class act.”

Zandra Bell
At Wit's End
4163 Clarence Street
London, ON
N6B 2J5 Canada

PHONE: (866) 207-0395