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Jadea Kelly
Jadea KellyThe triumphs upon choosing a life in music are few and far between. And as many know, finding your own unique and compelling voice is almost as rare as finding a four leaf clover.

Thankfully, through heartache and iron fists, Jadea Kelly has discovered her voice - a compelling and intriguing marriage of old and new. Built with heavy orchestration, darker organ pads, layered harmonies and sonic space - Clover presents a startlingly drastic, yet unified, musical shift for Jadea Kelly in 2013 - a unique union of Iris De Ment’s vocal ache with heavy Portishead ambience and percussion.

In 2010, Jadea released Eastbound Platform, an independent release produced by David Baxter. Jadea was later nominated for new emerging artist by the Canadian Folk Music Awards which led to appearances on Stuart McLean’s Vinyl Café, Canadian festival performances, European house concert tours and even a CBC recorded performance at the Stewart Park Folk Festival in 2010. Jadea is known most prominently for her vocal work and recordings with Canadian folk artist Catherine MacLellan [Silhouette 2010] and even Canadian metal band Protest the Hero [Kezia 2005 / Scurillous 2011].

Clover was recorded at the Woodshed Studio in Toronto and produced by Stew Crookes, known for his work with Hawksley Workman, Doug Paisley and One Hundred Dollars – and tracked in analog to 2 inch tape.

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