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Green Thumb Theatre - PITCH ARTIST
Green Thumb Theatre - PITCH ARTISTThere is a monster in Tara’s dresser! Whenever she wants to play in her room or tries to go to sleep, that big scary “thing” shows up. And if that’s not enough to worry about, Tara’s dad is in the hospital and he’s really sick. Victor wants to help his little sister feel brave, but he’s got trouble of his own: namely Farley, the school bully. How can Victor teach his little sister about courage when he’s so scared himself? In Night Light, this Green Thumb classic, Tara and Victor hold their own against monsters and bullies with hilarious – and very effective – results.

Green Thumb Theatre was founded in 1975 to develop original Canadian plays for young audiences. After more than 35 years, Green Thumb Theatre is still at the forefront of the Theatre in Education movement, using the emotional impact of live performance to educate and empower young people. Green Thumb Theatre creates and produces plays that explore social issues relevant to the lives of children, youth and young adults. We provide theatre that celebrates the language and stories of today’s generation and culture to stimulate empathy, debate and critical thinking.

Robyn Lamb
5522 McKinnon
Vancouver, BC
V5R 5K2 Canada

PHONE: 604.254.4055
FAX: 604.251.7002