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suddenlyLISTEN - PITCH ARTISTThe Cello of Mr. O is set in a city under siege, in an undefined place and time. A small girl tells us about her life: danger surrounds her and food, water and electricity are in short supply. Amidst this hardship, Grumpy Mr. O. plays his cello in her apartment building. When a supply truck is hit by a rocket and Mr. O. heads to the square to play his cello, the girl learns about courage and the power of music to heal and comfort us, even feed us.

The Cello of Mr. O is based on the book for young readers by prominent American author Jane Cutler. The work includes solo cello, actor, original music and excerpts from J.S. Bach and projected images and video.

Through the development of The Cello of Mr O, suddenlyLISTEN is presenting young audiences with a meaningful and current story within a multidisciplinary artistic setting. After the performance an integrated and participatory workshop is presented onstage by the performers. Entitled The Work of Peace, it further illuminates the story and answers specific questions that young (and older) audience members may have. Through participatory activities, music and visuals, this workshop will reflect on, practice, and celebrate the peacemaker in us all.

The Cello of Mr. O features two performers: cellist Norman Adams and Karen Bassett, actor. Steven Naylor is the composer and sound operator of the show.

Norman Adams
2504 Poplar St.
Halifax, NS
B3L 2Y8 Canada

PHONE: (902) 221-0428