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Magnum Opus Management - PITCH ARTISTS
Magnum Opus Management - PITCH ARTISTSMagnum Opus Management (MOM) is an artist management company offering an array of management services to artists and arts organizations from project management and workshops to audience development for classical, jazz and folk musicians.


John Mann, through his incredible career as a JUNO award winning musician and revered actor, has developed a wealth of support and resources from his colleagues, peers and devoted fan base.

With 11 albums and countless tours of the UK, Europe and North America with Spirit of the West, John returns with his newest work as a solo artist called The Waiting Room.

The Waiting Room is a powerful testament to the journey John Mann took while he was sick with Cancer in 2009 through 2011. For several months John was bedridden in the hospital and confronted by the challenge of his life and for his life.

John’s lyrical approach on The Waiting Room captures his experience and creates a natural script and visual journey taking the listener on an emotional roller coaster. Each song delivers heartfelt tears and uplifting laughter as he reveals the most vulnerable moments of recovery from this life-threatening disease.

The Waiting Room is a multifaceted project John Mann will be performing as a solo musician as well as developing into a stage production for theatre. John’s gift for narrative, spoken word and acting will carry the story of The Waiting Room with passionate and articulated delivery. With the addition of strong visual components including photography and performance art, John will combine these creative mediums to present a body of work he will perform to audiences across the country and beyond.

John is touring this project in 2014.

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