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Geri Hall and Gary Pearson
Geri Hall and Gary PearsonGeri Hall (22 Minutes, Second City) and Gary Pearson (Mad TV, Corner Gas), star in this laugh-out-loud 2-person sketch show, 'Middle Raged'- a show that puts a comic lens on the challenges of life at middle age! Marriage, sex, bills, child-rearing, funerals- ain't middle-age grand? This is a show for people who are ready to laugh at life's slings and arrows- even if they are the target. With song parodies, physical comedy, great acting, and eerily relatable sketches-it's a show about that time in life when the bloom is off the rose- but the thorns are sharper than ever. It promises to leave audiences breathless- from laughter, of course. But if you experience breathlessness, Geri and Gary recommend you see your doctor immediately.

Gary Pearson
Self-Represented Performer
Oakville, ON
L6H6J6 Canada

PHONE: 416-432-8480