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Shaun Boothe
Shaun BootheAs an award winning hip hop artist with 10+ years of experience in the music business, no one could be more painfully aware of the negative reputation of today's rap music than myself. That said, I created my Unauthorized Biography Series, repackaging history through hip-hop, as a way to add some positivity to the balance. Similar to 'Hamilton the Musical', my goal is to showcase to the world the power hip-hop has to inspire, educate and uplift.

My presentation's unique take on history's greatest leaders imbues its audience with the courage to find their own paths. By "learning from the greats," youth and adults alike can examine their own strengths and goals, and take away actionable lessons with which to energize their lives.

Michelle Cockburn
Toronto, ON
M1H1S2 Canada

PHONE: 647-262-5334